In Oklahoma not all unwanted dogs are euthanized,
some end up in prison.

Friends for Folks is a component fund of Tulsa Community Foundation (TCF), a tax exempt, non-profit organization. All donations to TCF, Friends for Folks Fund are fully tax deductible less the estimated value of any goods and services received by the donor. Our organization is located in Lexington, OK that connects inmates and abused and abandoned dogs to prepare the dogs to be family pets or service dogs.  This highly successful program is expanding to other Oklahoma prisons in hopes of bringing positive change to inmates, abandoned dogs and people in need of a companion all across Oklahoma – and beyond!

Both dog and Inmate have experienced isolation and rejection. A dog that might have ended up being euthanized gets a second chance at becoming a dependable companion and is available for adoption when it graduates from the program.

The Inmate assigned to a dog has an opportunity to learn the benefits of learning patience, empathy, being persistent, and to be completely responsible for another living thing. The inmate also learns how to train a dog using humane training methods, what it is like to experience unconditional love and what a great feeling it is to help others. The forever families benefit by being able to adopt a dog that is well trained and well socialized.

Photo of a group of men walking dogs on leash

There are approximately 15 inmates involved with the program.

In order to qualify for the program the inmate must have met stringent criteria and continue to meet them to remain in the program.

Most funding for the program comes from donations from adoptive families. Other funding sources are the Kirkpatrick Foundation, Oklahoma State University, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and generous individuals. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections also provides staff supervision and the training facilities. John Otto, DVM and Aaron Cline, DVM, both from Norman, Oklahoma, donate veterinary care and basic animal health care instruction for Friends for Folks dog trainers.

Your financial support also helps to make the work possible.  Tax deductible donations for Friends for Folks may be made by going to their website donation page at Tulsa Community Foundation  Friends for Folks For Donations: send checks to: Tulsa Community Foundation 7030 S. Yates, Suite 600 Tulsa, OK 74136