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Mabel Bassett Correctional Center

Mabel Bassett Correctional Center



The Lexington Assessment & Reception Center


Dedicated to giving dogs a better future

Trainers are preparing dogs for adoption

Inmate training dogs

A trainer is assigned to one dog to take full responsibility of its care. Everything from potty breaks to teaching the dog basic commands is the trainers duty to provide for the dog. A bond between dog and trainer forms over time. The dog will respond to the trainer who they learn to trust and obey. The trainer will always give the dog positive affirmation when the dog is obedient. If the dog struggles with obedience, the trainer will always remain calm and patient. Dedication to their dog and established trust between the two will eventually lead to training progress. The dogs acquire important behavioral skills that will enable them to become excellent dog companions later, when they are adopted.


Working toward improving the lives of others


Man leading a Husky dog down a set of steps on an obstacle course




Both developing skills that change their lives

Some of these dogs have backgrounds of abuse or neglect which means that the dog must learn to trust humans again. Some dogs that come into this program are high energy or may have bad habits like jumping or pulling on a leash. The trainer must identify what their dog struggles with specifically and then adjust the training regimen to meet the specific needs of their dog.

Trust and obedience go hand-in-hand

All of the men and women training these rescued dogs are serving time in Oklahoma correctional prisons. Each trainer is interviewed and must have a history of excellent behavior to be selected for the Friends for Folks program. To become a trainer, they must learn how to properly handle the dog and provide for all of its needs. A Friends for Folks program director instructs the trainers how to train and take care of the dogs.

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